In Their Maggoty Head

Wot Made Me Zombie Woz My Marriage

Hi readers – here’s something I just wanted to get off my chest. I had to spit it out even if it’s just to a few anonymous tumblr readers.  My name is Nadia, and I hope that you’ll accept me posting here. I have already started with updating my profile and suchlike but what I really want to tell you that I’m wondering is - am I expecting too much from my husband? You are all outsiders and I think I’m too close to the situation to be able to think clearly. Maybe you’ll throw a few comments and thoughts my way?

Zombie Kid

I have been married now for about 2 1/2 years, we have a beautiful bubbling baby girl of 4 months and I’m supposed to be happy. I’m not homeless, I have a job, food on the table everyday etc. much better off than most people and I’m grateful for all that. Financially were not a bit badly at the moment, because of inflation our house payment sky rocketed, and with the new baby comes a lot of other expenses especially is she is ill a lot (doctors’ bills and stuff).

When I met my husband he was just a friend, and for something like a couple of years we only talked on the phone and when we by chance meet each other in the street, and I loved talking to him because the listened and he was a shoulder to cry on. He didn’t have a wonderful job that paid him millions but I didn’t care about that, because when I was with him, I knew that nothing else and no one else mattered to him and spend time together and I got flowers and he made me feel special and treated me with so much love and compassion that I thought, THIS MAN I WOULD GIVE UP FOR NOTHING IN THE WORLD!.  He’s not able to buy me the diamonds and send me overseas to a Spa but his actions towards me made up for all that.

We worked hard form the time we got engaged, so we were able to buy a car and get a house and live a let’s say comfortable life, even though we didn’t have a lot of money, but we were happy.  I have a job as a secretary that pays well and we were off to a good start.

After about a few months of married life, my husband’s nephew’s wife started calling, asking him to take her places with her husband’s car (at the time we didn’t have a car), to town, funerals to go visit, take the daughter to hockey games.  This woman went as to say that her husband can’t take her to a certain place one day because he sinusitis, or something along those lines.  I let it happen a few times and we had numerous arguments about it, because I couldn’t see why he is supposed to take his nephew’s wife places when she has a capable husband and I have to sit at home and fiddle my fingers.

She didn’t have a liking to me, and she made that very clear when we were alone, but when my husband was in the room she would be very nice.  Something I brought to his attention, but he did not seem to care about it.  I was always the problem, and jealous.

…..And then everything changed…..